SHE Season 2 Review: Aditi's strong but weak story network, a season full of bold scenes

SHE Season 2 Review: Aditi’s strong but weak story network, a season full of bold scenes

SHE Season 2 Review:  It’s not a big deal to kill the one you hate. But killing the one you love gives ‘real power’. This is the philosophy of season 2 of the webseries She (That Woman) released today on Netflix. Pardeshi aka Bhumi (Aditi Pohankar), a simple constable of Mumbai Police, is on an undercover mission to nab the dreaded criminal Nayak (Kishore Kumar ji) who runs a nationwide drug network. The police do not have any picture or video of the hero. The outsider who sees the hero kills him. The police also feel that there is no hero, only illusion. But the truth is that the audience sees Bhumi again and again with the hero. There is a lack of love in both of their lives and in such loneliness they become the need of each other.

Surrender of land

In the story, the land constantly moves in both the camps. According to the police, the land is used against the hero. The hero sends Bhumi to the police to find a way to escape. The land needs both. Of the job and also of the hero. Bhumi’s personal life is full of tragedy, in which neither father’s love nor husband’s love was found. Her father and husband are her culprits. She looks for both in Nayak. He feels a sense of security with the hero. She finds comfort in his arms. Throughout the story, Bhumi bows before the protagonist as a devoted woman to a mighty man. Also she says that she feels happy in it. This happiness is visible in his face and body language.

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Weak network

In Season 2, the police are trying to find the hero and destroy his drug network. Nayak has made getting drugs in Mumbai as easy as getting Cheungam. But this part of Xi 2 is its weak link. The writer of the series is famous director Imtiaz Ali and his brother Arif is its director. Every time Xi’s story turns to the drug network, it loosens its grip. The working of this network is not even understood properly. You can also see repetition in the scenes and dialogues in this track.

Images of aditi

Kishore Kumar ji did not get much to do as the character of the hero. You see this actor either in intimate scenes with Bhumi or in front of three-four computer screens, typing something or the other. Even on an emotional level, Kishor did not get a chance for much activity. That’s why they always look the same. On the other hand, Aditi Pohankar is definitely full of diversity. Above all, there are layers in the character of Aditi.

As an undercover police constable, he has to constantly act in front of people. Sometimes sex workers, sometimes in front of seniors, sometimes helpless with the hero and sometimes trying to woo him. There are other images in his character. Aditi played everyone well and she is the main reason to watch this series. The third main role in this story, which mainly revolves around two characters, is that of Bhoomi’s senior Fernandes (Vishwas Kini). Vishwas has played his role well.

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Bold content

Those who have watched the previous season will find Bhumi here more confident than last time. Plus her biological desires are more vocal this time around. This is bold content. In which Aditi Pohankar and her male co-stars look uninhibited. Imtiaz Ali, who has created delicate love stories on the big screen, has created this dark underworld of crime and the world of sex workers, it is also surprising.

This story could have been better, but Imtiaz could not handle it at some places. He explains how sangat changes a person. The problem with a season of seven episodes with an average of 45-45 minutes is that when you think there will be a big bang at the end, it doesn’t happen. The last episode proves to be the least action-emotional and the climax disappoints.

Director Arif Ali has worked on almost readymade projects. Could have made it better with a little imagination. Could have tightened the season by reducing some repetitions. But this did not happen. Despite this, this series can be seen to get acquainted with a dark world. If you have seen the first season, then there is no harm in watching the second.

Director: Arif Ali

Stars: Aditi Pohankar, Kishore Kumar G., Vishwas Kini, Shivani Rangole, Sandeep Dhabale

Rating ***

Platform: Netflix

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