Janhit Mein Jari Movie Review: If you like it, you will not be able to ignore it

Janhit Mein Jari Movie Review: If you like it, you will not be able to ignore it

Janhit Mein Jari Movie Review Cast:  Nusrat Bharucha, Anud Singh Dhaka, Tinu Anand, Vijay Raj, Brajendra Kala, Paritosh Tripathi, Ishaan Mishra etc.

Director:   Jai Basantu Singh

Star Rating: 3

Where to watch: In theaters

Janhit Mein Jari Movie Review, Thus the story of condom in Hindi cinema probably starts with Shekhar Suman, his film festival. The generation, which came to know about this scene of Hindi cinema for the first time, has not forgotten that scene till date, how Shekhar Suman goes to the medical store to get condoms and makes 10 types of excuses while shying away. In those days, putting this scene in a movie must have been an act of bravery, but in today’s era, if this scene is filmed on a girl, then maybe you feel brave, but if the girl goes to sell instead of buy? So it could also be an overdose of the idea.

Janhit Mein Jari Movie Review: Idea and social message great

The plot of the movie ‘Janhit Mein Jari’ is built around this idea. However, last year itself, another movie has come out on the same idea, ‘Helmet’ by Aparshakti Khurana and Pranutan Behl. In the story of Helmet, two friends rob a truck full of electronic goods, but it was filled with condoms. In such a situation, in order to earn money, they have to sell the same condom under compulsion, wearing a helmet so that no one recognizes them and sends them to jail. So the compulsion seems a bit convincing.

Both the idea and the social message issued in the public interest are very good, but only one minus point can derail it before the first station and that is not being convincing. For the reason that the girl is ready to sell condoms, only 3 seconds are disturbed for her, that is, she will get married. But in reality there is nothing like this, she is so domineering in her house that no one can think of her forced marriage. After sorting his father’s role has been kept as a submissive and mother’s role as a funny lady. Because of this, the movie could not be as good as it could have been.

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This point will definitely knock

Understand the story of this movie in a little detail, the story is of Manokamna (Nushrat Bharucha) and Manoranjan (Anud Singh Dhaka). You have seen Anud Singh in Super 30, Qarib Qarib Single and Chhichhore. But in this movie he is in the male lead, although the movie revolves around Nusrat Bharucha. Both live in Chanderi, a small town in MP. Manoranjan Ramleela makes a living by acting in Mother’s Jagrata, singing songs and Manokamna needs a job to avoid marriage and she joins Little Umbrella Company without knowing what products the company makes, what will be her job profile, join the job does it.

This was the weakest point of the movie, the producer and writer of the film, Raj Shandilya, has been the writer of Kapil Sharma’s show for a long time and he forgets that in Kapil’s show, like anything goes without convincing, the big screen But it will happen too. It does not happen, there should be a condom company in a small town, this is a big deal, then a girl should be ready to work in it, she also sells it by going to the shop, and no one knows what, even in her house, it is possible. No. But this is what happens in this movie. One day after marriage, her in-laws also get to know.

So Manokamna leaves the job and grabs another job, but the next time after an accident, she again starts doing condom sales job to make women aware, then there is trouble in the house. How she copes, that’s the story.

For any different comedy scene in the part of any artist, many scenes have been composed separately and they have been woven into the story. But after the interval, the story suddenly takes a social turn. The joke was going on till now, the heroine gets into serious mode and again goes out to sell condoms, but this time with a mission. Which is not even known in the beginning because no one in the society felt the need to take up that mission. In such a situation, if people are not convinced by that mission, then it will be a little difficult.


So there is comedy in the movie, there is punch, there is emotion, mission is there, there is a good artist, there is also a director who has directed many famous TV serials, also Raj Shaandilyaa, who has written films like Kapil Sharma’s show, Dream Girl and Bhoomi, songs too Dhvani Singers like Bhanushali, Javed Ali, Raftaar and Amit Gupta have sung. Amit Gupta’s song Radhe Radhe Radhe has become very popular now, in this movie, a song sung by him on Holi has become good.

great package

Overall a good package, but at the same time it is a risky experiment, as no one would like to watch such a movie with kids, there is no such plot convincing in a small town. But at the level of dialogues, punch and acting, this movie is no less than anyone. Anud Singh Dhaka’s entry is also strong and acting too, but keeping in mind his light stature, he should be shot with a low angle camera like Shahrukh Khan. Although Vijay Raj is slowly moving beyond the shell of comedy and doing some good villain roles, which are also being liked by the people, Tinu Anand has again surprised. So the ball is now in the audience’s court whether they like this experiment or not.

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