In front of everyone, the person said to Urfi Javed – I love you, the actress asked for his wife’s number

Urfi Javed was spotted by the paparazzi where a man told him I love you in front of everyone. After this, Urfi laughed and asked for the number of that person’s wife. This video of Urfi is being liked.

Urfi Javed

Internet sensation aka Javed’s video is widely seen on social media. Be it his looks or his conversation with the paparazzi, some videos keep coming every day. Urfi Javed’s boldness is not only reflected in the clothes, she also keeps her words in an impeccable manner and stops speaking in a counter-attack. He has got into fights with many celebrities on social media. This time a person called him ILVu in front of everyone, so see what was the reaction of Urfi.

Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed Video with Paparazzi

Urfi was spotted by paparazzi in the night. She was wearing a green bralette. With this he matched brown pants. Urfi kept her hair open. Paparaji starts shouting as soon as Urfi comes out. Amidst this, a man’s voice is heard who tells him I love you. On hearing this, Urfi laughingly tells him, are you ashamed or not, give your wife’s number. On this the person told that he is a bachelor. Paparazzi says love is blind. Then Urfi replies, I will catch and kill. The person further says, I got emotional after seeing you. Fans are very fond of the conversation between Urfi and Paparazzi.

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